Custom Pairings & Beverage Catering



Whether it's date night for two, a business lunch for 20, or a wedding for 200, Grapes & Grains is here to provide you with expertly curated wine, beer, and spirits for all your events.






What pairs well with salmon? How many bottles of wine do I need for 8 people at Thanksgiving dinner?





We are here to answer all your beverage related questions and help you find your perfect pairing.



Simply tell us what you're looking for using this CUSTOM SELECTIONS FORM
and we will be in touch shortly to work with you to find exactly what you need. 









G&G Beverage Catering can help take your event to the next level with a hand selected beverage menu.


Whether it's for a simple backyard bash or the party of the year, the perfect beverage pairing completes the menu.


We can work directly with caterers, bartenders, and event planners (both professional and DIY).






The perfect hand selected beverage list to highlight your menu and stay on budget.


Get select specialty bottles and unique pairings guaranteed to impress your guests.


Fill in the gaps of your mobile bar with product delivered directly to your event location.



For more information or a full list of our services send us an email or call (401) 245-2100



Benefits of Pairing with G&G Beverage Catering

  • Expertly paired beverages to highlight your menu
  • Product and ice delivered directly to the event location
  • Return any unopened products for a full refund*
  • A list of talking points for each pairing
  • Loyalty program for repeat customers


*Damaged products may not be accepted.


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