Barrington's Premier Wine, Craft Beer, & Small Batch Spirit Shop

Nothing is put on our shelves without being tasted first



Wine is a memory, it is not merely a drink. Enjoy a bottle with friends and family during times that are sure to be remembered.


We Offer: 

  • An under $12 Section of over 60 labels to choose from
  • A Staff Favorite Section
  • Large selection of Organic, Biodynamic & Natural wine
  • NON MAINSTREAM PRODUCTS. It is our goal to seek out the most interesting products we can find; we pride ourselves on showing you something new. 
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     Our main goal is to introduce our customers to small batch spirits. We carry a large selection of Scotch, Bourbon, Craft Gins, Small Batch Tequila, and Rum.


We Offer:

  • Pappy Van Winkle 
  • Dozens of Craft Gins
  • Plenty of 18 and 21 year old Scotches
  • Local Spirits including Vodka, Gin, Rum, and Whiskey's




     Our eight door beer cooler holds a wide selection of imported and local craft beers. Our Mix & Match section of craft beer offers over 160 beers. We do not put any domestic beer in this selection.

     It is pure craft and rare beers. 22's, 750's, sake, and mead are all included in the mix & match selection. We offer 10% for every 6 pack you put together!


We Offer:

  • Utopia 10 year anniversary
  • All Sixpoint Brewery Beers
  • An entire cooler section dedicated to IPA"s
  • An entire section dubbed "The Can Corner"
  • OVER ONE HUNDRED 22's of true craft beer to select from


  • Educational, sensory evaluation seminars:                    every Friday 5-7pm and  Saturday 5-7pm
  • Complimentary coffee while you shop
  • Themed gift boxes
  • Corporate Gifts
  • Volume Discounts on cases of wine
  • Delivery


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